Friday, June 17, 2011


Anthony Weiner left Congress this week, apparently after finding out that you don't get leaves of absence from Congress.

His misdeeds have set off numerous debates. Some argued that this did not rise to the level of an offense for which he needed to resign. Vanity Fair produced the most controversial piece, asserting that Mrs. Weiner shared some responsibility for the issue because she spent too little time at home tending to the needs of her husband. That article was a bridge too far for the writer and the publication.

A private affair, Weiner probably could have survived, provided that it was not with an intern or some other subordinate. This was different, although more and more common every day. He sent pictures of private locations on his body to unsuspecting people who had signed up to follow him on Twitter. This is definitely something that can "expose" you to all sorts of embarassment. The question is, did he really think that this was not going to get out?

It makes you wonder. He was a rising star in the Democratic Party, slated to contend for the job of New York City mayor at some point. This was either a galactically stupid move, or an intentional career hari-kari. I mean, how do you not know that this will definitely end up on the Tonight Show, especially with your name being what it is.

Well, Obama has assured us that Weiner and his family will bounce back. Were I the former congressman, I'd worry since he also assured us that the economy would do the same.

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