Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Incumbent Protection Plan Before the State Legislature

For Release: June 10, 2011

Contact: Rick Snuffer 304.923.5160


One Question

Beckley, WV - 27th Delegate District Freshman Rick Snuffer says he will accept the House of

Delegate Leadership's assertion that there is no 'incumbency protection plan' if they will answer

one very simple question;

Why are Single Delegate Districts good for 36 of West Virginia's 58 House of Delegate Districts,

but not the other 22?

Snuffer offers, "From the Speaker, to the Majority Leader, to the Majority Whip; these are good

guys who I like and get along with. If they say there is no 'incumbency protection plan' being

considered, I accept that. What many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle are asking is

why are SDDs okay for 36 of our Delegate Districts, but not the other 22?"

Snuffer, a Raleigh/Summers County Delegate, has stated the redistricting process will be a major

factor in whether or not he attempts to remain in the West Virginia House of Delegates or mount

another attempt to unseat 35 year Congressional incumbent, Nick Joe Rahall, in the next election


"The Leadership has promised an honest and open House redistricting process. There is one

simple question which needs to be answered to ensure this process follows their declared

intentions; if 36, why not 22 more," the legislative newcomer asks?

"If a Single Delegate District is good for the people of the 34th District which Majority Leader

Boggs represents, why not for the people of the 32nd District which Minority Leader Armstead

represents? If SDDs are appropriate for the citizens of the Eastern Panhandle, why not for the

good folks in the Northern Panhandle? In Mercer County, the people who live in the 24th

District have a single delegate representing them; but the Mercer County residents of the 25th

Delegate District have two delegates representing them."

Snuffer states there appears to be no geographic, political, or historical reason for the

discrepancy of the various sizes of WV House Districts and says the motives could easily be

put to rest if someone will just answer the question… 'If for some, why not for everyone?'

"Rick, Brent, and Mike are all on public record commending the benefits of Single Member/

Delegate Districts, yet each have said 'there won't be 100 Single House Districts," Snuffer

concludes. "Why? That's all we want to hear from them in this honest, open process which has

been promised. If it's alright in the instances where they exist, why not in the others? Please just

answer the question, WHY??"


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