Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama Dropped by has apparently decided to move on without Barack Obama for the time being.

Obama, obviously in political survival mode, has considered slight spending cuts in entitlement programs. It would be nothing that would alleviate the debt crisis, more of a public relations move as we get closer to next year's elections. has fired off a broadside that claims that they will move to advance the "liberal" agenda without him. Of course these guys left liberalism behind long ago. They are hard core leftists bent on transformation.

This does not hurt Obama in the least, politically speaking. To be repudiated by the hard core left in public is a gift to the beleaguered, but still radical, president. They will not be able to nominate a more radical candidate; in fact Obama could face a real challenge from the Democratic center. The leftists will vote for Obama and probably even campaign for him again. You won't see them support a Green Party candidate in the general, either. Nope, they will trudge back next year to his fold. is still well-funded and has a certain following. Their public attacks on Obama are meant to push him back their way, not prepare for his replacement. That all being said, it is interesting how his constituency is splintering.

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