Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Not Cool Anymore

Apparently Obama is not cool anymore.

I am not sure how he became cool, or why. Much like a viral You Tube video, his coolness was fleeting. Unfortunately we cannot delete him from our system until next year.

Polls and political reporters are confirming that Obama is no longer an interesting topic to college or high school students. According to a blog called the Atlantic Wire, who studied Oberlin College's short love interest in Obama, the "hipsters" no longer care about him.

They also warn that these same kids were the ones who were the volunteers, although older people turned out in greater numbers to actually vote. In other words, Obama is old news.

This is what happens to political figure who seeks popularity over respect. Respect is hard earned over time. Unless you do something weird, like show your weiner to someone, it's hard to lose respect once it's earned. Popularity is fleeting and only of real interest to the vapid.

Is there a political reason for this? Perhaps because he campaigned against Bush and Cheney's handling of the War on Terror, but has followed many of their most controversial tactics, such as the Patriot Act. This also probably resulted because, like Miley Cyrus or Jessica Simpson, popularity disappears pretty quickly with exposure. The more people see, the less they want.

It could be also that he plays a lot of golf on days where he should be working, or at least appearing to work.

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