Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Breakdown of Civilization in Chicago

Rahm Emmanuel has a serious issue on his hands as Chicago mayor.

Thugs have taken to the streets en masse. They are ransacking stores, attacking individuals to steal almost insignificant items, and generally frightening the city.

Rahm Emmanuel may have been an advisor to one of the weakest presidents in modern history, but he inherits a tradition of city leadership like no other. He is promising swift and severe justice. But will he community organize, a la Obama? Or will he bash and smash like Richard Daley? I have a feeling that he will unleash the police. Woe be unto these foolish city kids who think they are the baddest and the meanest. Unless sensitivity classes have taken the ornery out of them, cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. know how to handle this kind of problem.

Swift and severe justice. For the sake of Chicago, we hope Emanuel is up to the task.

In a larger sense, this is troubling. Mob violence for the sake of violence is definitely a sign of societal breakdown. Criminal gangs usually try to not harm "civilians" because it leads to increased police scrutiny. These guys seem to want to take the police on.

And you know who will lose that confrontation. Chicago ain't Seattle.

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