Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Governor's Race Heating Up

The Potomac Highlands Conservative, reluctantly, cannot endorse a Republican nominee for governor. We are members of a county executive committee and ethically, if not legally, cannot endorse anyone in a primary.

We have a very solid field of candidates this time in terms of experience, personality, and electability. If nothing else, the West Virginia Republican Party is continuing to grow into a more viable political force within the state.

When looking at who to choose in this cycle, look at issues and electability. This state needs a governor who can take the ship of state and wrench it into a completely different direction. The candidate needs to have the right principles, but also more than a snowball's chance in hell of beating the Democrat. The perfect candidate is the right mix of principles, experience, and electability. I do believe that there are a few candidates among the field that fit this bill.

Other random thoughts...

Thank you Congressman David McKinley. Even though both senators' offices were also called, David McKinley was the only congressional representative to greet the Keyser High School "We the People" team when they went to Capitol Hill this week. It was the day after the killing of Bin Laden, so it was likely a busy day, but the congressman made it down to see them.

West Virginia Red has obviously morphed into a Bill Maloney campaign mouthpiece. While there is nothing wrong with that per se, they would be more effective if they were more subtle. Right now, they are preaching to the choir and that won't accomplish their goal of spreading the campaign message. Also mix it up with some news and commentary.

How is it that Earl Ray Tomblin gets away with using "More Jobs and Less Taxes" as his motto? As Senate President, he was in a much better position to create those conditions.

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