Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gaston Caperton Is Definitely, Absotively Not Interested In Politics

Gaston Caperton just bought a $900,000 mansion in Charleston.

Does that mean anything? Should it? Younger folks are asking "who is Gaston Caperton?"

Caperton was governor from 1989-1997. He started off a little rocky, but became enormously popular and respected by the end of his tenure in office. Since then he has worked for the College Board, most recently as president. He plans to retire this year and return to Charleston to be close to his friends.

He's 71. In many places that is over the hill, but in West Virginia politics, he's still viable even if not a young whippersnapper. Should a Republican win the special election this fall, Democrats will start feeling Caperton out to see if he wants to pursue a third term a la Arch Moore. More likely, he could be putting himself into position to succeed Jay Rockefeller.

In any event, this is an interesting development.

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