Tuesday, April 19, 2011

West Virginia Blue Takes Aim At Its Own Party

Below is a list of West Virginia Blue's "Neo-Confederates" who supported the Intrastate Coal and Use Act which would have returned many miners to work.

Note that many are Democrats.

It is apparent that West Virginia Blue has taken aim at the pro-jobs faction of the Democratic Party.

Delegates Varner (D)Delegate Howell (R)

Delegate Kominar(D)Delegate Canterbury (R)
Delegate Stowers(D)Delegate C. Miller (R)

Delegate White (D)Delegate Sobonya (R)

Delegate Cann (D)Delegate Ellem (R)

Delegate Perry (D)Delegate Carmichael (R)

Delegate Hall (D)
Delegate Sumner (R)

Delegate Ferro (D)
Delegate Duke (R)

Delegate Pethtel (D)
Senator Sypolt (R)

Delegate Hartman (D)

Delegates R. Phillips (D)

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