Thursday, April 21, 2011

And In Left Field For the Democratic Party...John Perdue....

State Treasurer John Perdue has decided to try and take the demagogue's path to winning the governor's mansion.

He has opened a barrage on Earl Ray Tomblin and utility companies within the state, charging power, gas, and other companies with raising rates so that they could funnel more money to Tomblin's campaign.

This is untrue, dangerous, and bizarre.

Perdue understands the numbers though. Only a small percentage of West Virginians voted in last year's special primary election for U. S. Senator. If that result holds up, a man or woman could be nominated with a vote total of ten thousand or even less. Perdue is counting on there being enough conspiracy theorists to flock to his banner and put him over the top.

He also has proposed to cap utility rate increases. This may sound nice, but prices for any commodity increase when supplies dwindle. The rise in prices causes a drop in demand that usually will prevent the market from running out of a commodity. Rising energy prices, were it not for left wingers, would usually stimulate an expansion of production which would increase supplies, which would lower prices. But as long as Obama is in office, we'll get no relief. He puts the left wing agenda over the people. Perdue's plan would be madness, though. Capping rises in rates would cause power outages due to lack of supply.

If the Democratic candidates were a baseball team, Perdue would definitely be assigned the position of left field. Most of his political statements recently tend to come from that direction.

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