Friday, April 8, 2011

Shutting Down

Negotiations are going on as I write to come to a budget agreement. The House wants to implement step one towards reducing the debt while the Senate and president want to take piddly steps that will reduce the yearly deficit while still allowing the debt to grow. Think if you are spending $1,000 per month beyond your salary on credit cards and you vow to reduce your spending by $10 per month. Your debt increases even though you cut your deficit.

Republicans have put together a spending measure thet will pay troops and keep the government from shutting down in the short term. This measure does not include financing for Planned Parenthood. 90% of their business is abortions and you may not be aware that for the past two years that your taxes have gone to pay for this. Obama has promised to veto any bill that defunds abortions, even if it ensures that our troops get their paychecks.

In other words, Obama is willing to stop paying soldiers because he wants us to keep paying for abortions.

The announcement also came from the White House that, if a deal is reached, that he and his family will go to Williamsburg, VA for several days. Yup, another vacation for Obama and the fam. Maybe he can teach people in the Tidewater how to Samba as gas prices top $4 per gallon.

How many vacations have you had this year? Probably not as many as Obama will have in the span of two months, that I can assure you.

Meanwhile, some Democrats have threatened to unleash their version of political civility on House Speaker John Boehner. They want to dump trash on his lawn. How nice.

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