Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Donald

He's brash. He's aggressive. He is hurting Obama by once again bringing up the strange affair of the birth certificate. But is Donald Trump a serious presidential candidate?

I would say no. I'd go further and say that Trump is part of a brilliant master strategy either concocted by him, the RNC, or both.

Trump is not identified first as a Republican. He's identified first and foremost as who and what he is, a very wealthy, very successful, very public, and very brash individual. He says and does as he pleases and earns respect for that in some circles. His presidential exploration and constant media attacks do two things. They harm Obama and will likely and predictably draw the think skinned president out again. They also provide cover for the "real" candidates. So long as the mainstream media, also a study in predictability, gives the squeaky wheel the attention, it leaves alone the serious contenders. It's amazing that we have not heard many anti-Palin rants lately.

I do believe that, as of now, that Trump's job is to attract attacks and attention away from other GOP contenders. He will get the media scrutiny, then probably decide against running early next year. Then again, if he does get some traction, he might just decide to go for it himself, but even then, I doubt it. The primary goal is to get rid of Obama and Trump is on board with that plan. Trump is too controversial to beat Obama, though. I remember his court fights to try and get an old lady's beachfront house taken away from her so he could build yet another Atlantic City hotel and casino. That by itself shows him to not be a strong defender of the concept of property rights.

It's hard to tell what will happen next year. I do believe that our ultimate nominee has not yet made himself well-known and is hiding in the shadows. I also believe that it is still very possible that we will be seeing at least one, if not two female nominees from the major parties contending in 2012. The more I see of Palin, the more I am reminded of Reagan's push for the White House, except for the fact that Reagan had an ability to charm at least some segments of the press. She's not my number one pick, but she is definitely a factor. Trump's current media blitz helps her tremendously, whether it is intentional or not.

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