Wednesday, March 2, 2011

House Republicans Look to End $13 Million Annual Support For U. N. Climate Group

Among the $60 billion in budget cuts proposed by House Republicans is $13 million of your taxpayer dollars that continue to fund the scandalized Intergovernmental Climate Group.

U. N. officials take issue with the $13 million figure, stating that only $4 million goes to the IGCG, while the rest goes to U. N. scientific monitoring groups.

It does not matter where the money ends up. Americans should not be spending millions on bad science. Furthermore, United States government agencies already monitor weather and the climate and have for decades. Why pay the U. N. to do the job (more poorly) as well?

American support for the United Nations stands at 31%. Even Democratic voters can only muster a 45% approval rating of the job that the U. N. does according to a 2010 Gallup Poll. It might be time for the United States to start demanding a larger say in the inner workings of the international bureaucracy, since we do pay for a great deal of its operations. As far as I am concerned, we ought to exit the U. N. and seize the headquarters through eminent domain. It does nothing for us or anyone else and is a snakepit of corruption. Libya was placed on the Human Rights Commission a few years back by these people. Libya!

Defunding fake climate research is a start. It is also a shot across the U. N.'s bow. They need to reckon with the fact that the GOP are the new budgetary sheriffs in town. And their loving defender, Obama, may be out the door in a couple of years.

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