Friday, March 4, 2011

Bobby Huggins For Big East Coach of the Year

Losing talent, overcoming adversity, building chemistry and winning. That is the measure of great coaching performances. West Virginia University's Bobby Huggins has done all of these and has set his team up for another 20 win season, another year with a winning record in conference play, and an NCAA berth.
First of all, Huggins had to reconfigure his team to adjust to the losses of three starters. Smith, Ebanks, and Butler all contributed defense, points, and leadership in clutch situations last year. Most teams reload with capable freshmen. Huggins had the worst luck with his recruiting class. Some did not qualify, some never made it to practice. One is left on the team, but is out for the season due to injury.
Then he dealt with player infractions and a player defection as Dan Jennings quit in the middle of a game. However, Huggins teams don't quit. They circle the wagons and rebound (in more ways than one.)
West Virginia was not picked to finish well in conference this year and that was before the entire freshman class plus a key reserve was lost. Huggins has had his team forge for themselves a very good year despite all obstacles. He has earned Big East Coach of the Year.

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