Friday, January 14, 2011

Uncivil Speech

I have to say that I have had it with the alleged efforts to encourage civil speech. It is insulting how the Left has deemed the rallies and speech of the Tea Parties and other libertarian groups as uncivil and a threat to political discourse.

It is insulting because I remember a Bush speech from not too many years ago. It was in Morgantown and quite a few folks turned up to hear the president. Those attending the speech were pretty well behaved. However, the speech was interrupted often by the chants of those bussed in from Pittsburgh and other cities to create a large anti Bush demonstration. The president paid them no mind. However, as we left, the protesters lined up along the route we took to walk out of the area. They screamed and cursed at everyone, even the children attending the event.

This is a sign of civil speech? The Left has no room to attack anyone on the Constitutional Right.

Bush bore the attacks and the insults from all quarters with dignity. Certainly it had to hurt his and his families feelings, but he accepted it as part of the job and American political discourse. Actual concerns from the Right are treated as attacks that could incite violence.

We cannot back down from these efforts. We cannot let the actions of a madman give the Left permission to define what is and is not acceptable in political discourse.

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