Monday, January 10, 2011


We definitely want to continue to pray for the victims of the senseless shooting in Tuscon last weekend. There is never a reason to spray a defenseless crowd with bullets.

I remember the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. My first instinct was to blame Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. It had all the hallmarks of this brand of attack. Of course the actual attack came from another direction. A former soldier named Timothy McVeigh blew up a federal building for very different reasons.

The left wing had its knee jerk reaction this Saturday when Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and a federal judge killed. It shouted "Tea Party" and, as if there were talking points already in place, they all bemoaned the uncivil dialogue.

Interesting how they return to this theme once in power. In the 1960s, they called it "civil disobedience" even when they went well beyond Martin Luther King Jr.'s guidelines. Who was responsible for the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention riots? Who was responsible for Weather Underground terrorism? This same political grouping now asks for a return to civility. Oh wait, did they treat Bush with civility? Civil is when tens of thousands gather in one place and peacefully sing, pray, and honor their country. That was the example of the Tea Party last summer.

Aggressive rhetoric and discourse does not cause killing. In fact, the action of letting off steam through harsh words more likely prevents a lot more outbreaks of violence. They don't want civil dialogue. They just want us to shut up.

The shooter was a strange case. He apparently loved the two halves of the extreme left coin, both Lenin and Hitler. He also talked about hating the government. We may have to just settle for the fact that this was a deranged and confused young man. He was too crazy for college, apparently. Friends describe him as left wing in his politics. However, that does not mean that we would blame all left wing dialogue. We'd blame the individual. He did it. It is his responsibility alone.

We are not a sick society. We are actually remarkably healthy, considering the recent stresses. We do have sick individuals. In a free society, the sick and the malicious can work without detection. The cost of a free society is the occasional tragedy. We accept that cost, or we sacrifice more freedom to achieve a perfect security that is impossible to achieve.

The left went into hysterics, thinking that a Tea Partier, or Sarah Palin follower, shot a congresswoman who wanted to cut the debt and protect gun ownership. I can forgive teh knee jerk reaction since I once did it myself. But now they owe us a mea culpa. Constitution supporters did not shoot this woman. A crazy guy did.

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