Monday, January 24, 2011

Time to Fix the Law

Speaker of the House Richard Thompson belives that the Legislature has a mess on its hands and he places the blame on one man, Earl Ray Tomblin.

Thompson argues that Tomblin should have spent most of his time as Senate President and only acted as governor when absolutely necessary, according to his interview on MetroNews Talkline. He still refuses to meet with Tomblin and work with the select group of lawmakers and Tomblin who are trying to set up the Special Gubernatorial Election.

This sounds like old fashioned politics. This situation is admittedly bizarre and the crafters of the Constitution of 1872 planned poorly for this type of situation. However, the decision has been made by the Supreme Court to mandate the election and it is time to make that happen.

The Legislature needs to put together an amendment to the state constitution that will address this problem and preserve the concept of separation of powers envisioned in 1872. It may also be time for a commission to be appointed to study the state constitution. Any other hidden contradictions and ambiguities should be addressed if they exist.

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