Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Once Again the President Fails to Grasp Reality

We saw some interesting proposals in last night's State of the Union Address. Well, I didn't actually watch it, but read it this morning.

He wants to "out educate" the world, whatever that means. I asume that he will want to spend more money to implement more crackpot federal ideas that interfere with local direction and real teaching. Federal interference and spending has pushed schools into a downward spiral since the Department of Education was created. More of the same will create worse results.

Even the Associated Press questions the stated commitment to cap spending coming in the same speech as promises to spend more on a large number of his own initiatives.

Obama also called on Congress to unify together. Obama already had a Congress unified behind his agenda and the people got rid of it. We need a Congress unified behind the idea that federal spending and activity need to be considerably reduced. We need to expect less out of government and it needs to try and do less for special interests and feel good liberals.

He also doesn't get it on economics. The Adjunct Instructor in Chief still thinks that government must create conditions for job growth. The best thing government can do is keep taxes down, deregulate, and get out of the way. How does he think that a huge fee charged to banks is going to help free credit? Business often needs credit to expand operations. Obama clearly does not understand basic economics. His answer has always been to spend more money than the created jobs would actually pay.

Obama showed in this speech that he is a one trick pony. When you need jobs, spend. When you want to educate, spend. When you want to feel good, spend. If he were a private citizen, he'd be a shopaholic and a hoarder.

He must face the reality that we are running into serious trouble. We need massive debt reduction and he is proposing spending reduction measures that would equal an average wagerearner putting aside a quarter a month while increasing our burdens elsewhere. If nothing else, Obama has given the Tea Party new ammunition to build on its efforts in this non election year. Because he just does not get it. Therefore, he needs to be replaced with a fiscally responsible president in 2012.

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