Monday, February 1, 2010

Somewhere Booker T. Washington Is Smiling At the West Virginia Republican Party

In the 1870s Booker T. Washington worked precincts in eastern Kanawha County, speaking on behalf of that county and the state's Republican Party, supporting candidates and spreading the word. He understood that the GOP's messages of individual liberty and responsibility should resonate with all peoples everywhere. Washington took that message to the national level, preaching his belief in the power of education.

Today's West Virginia Republican Party has worked hard to try and reach out to a broad variety of peoples. Republicans believe that limited government and less taxes mean more business opportunities and more jobs, plain and simple. As Democratic leaders prove that they will raise taxes and spending, then cement high rates of both there by congressional action, traditionally Democratic groups have started to gravitate in the "right" direction.

To those on the extreme left that still say the Republican Party has a tinge of racism, we offer the fact that in 2008 we supported our nominee Charles Minimah for the second most powerful elected statewide office. We are proud to say that he has decided to sacrifice his time and energy once again in the vital Charleston region 17th Senatorial District. His wife Pamela has also entered the race in the 31st Delegate District. In Huntington, staunch Second Amendment supporter and ironworker Douglas Franklin signed up to run in the 15th Delegate District. Republicans everywhere should be grateful to all candidates that choose to devote the next several months to the difficult task of running for office. They all need our support, whatever we can offer.

Republicans in West Virginia can say with pride, regardless of background, that they walk in step with the legacy of one of their own. Booker T. Washington worked hard to advance Republican ideals 130 years ago. Those beliefs in individual liberty, education, hard work, and responsibility, have not changed a bit since then.

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