Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Barack Obama Is An Arrogant S.O.B.

On this blog, we pretty much try to take the high road. We jab at our opponents from time to time. Sometimes we pinprick, sometimes we cut a little deeper. However in our language and tone we try not to be over the top because that only helps our opponents. Today is different.
My wife usually watches Fox, but she likes the guy who does Headline News in the evenings. He's really not so bad. Anyway, I wander into the room last night and Dear Leader is giving us his directives for the day. With chin stuck out and voice in full Mussolini staccato, he informed us that his budget with its uncountable zeroes was reasonable. On top of that he claimed that no one had ever offered him any alternatives or solutions and that any opposition was just grandstanding for the camera. I usually reserve my swearing for those inexplicable moments when West Virginia's basketball team starts the game by allowing the other team to build a twelve point lead. Apparently that is in the Big East bylaws. But I had to really restrain myself from tossing something at that arrogant bastard on the television set.
Obama is not worthy of the title of president. He is not my president. Most of you don't see him as yours either. He is simply an ideological usurper holding down the fort until we can elect a real American to the post. And, Obama, most of us conservatives genuinely believe that you were lawfully born in Hawaii. We just don't think you are American. Because of your unbridled arrogance, the fact that you believe you are entitled to our support, and that opposition is sedition, we compare you to Mussolini, or Franco, or some of the less competent Eastern European leaders from the Cold War. We cannot compare you to the most incompetent and arrogant American president, Andrew Johnson, because you have no rags to riches story and you don't have the excuse of being a chronic drunk.
Obama is the cukmination of all the New Left's dreams and nightmares. He took advantage of a window in history to get himself into office. Then he embodied completely all of their disdain for the common American people. Obama does not understand why we have faith in our Christian God and our ability to protect ourselves, but not believe in him. The more we call him a fascist, the more we assert that he is not a true American political figure in the tradition of our Founding Fathers, the more rattled he gets, possibly because such charges hit very close to home. He affects American values on the surface to hide his cold fascist heart. The real Obama wants good leftists to inform on their neighbors' "fishy" opinions. The real Obama does not believe that you are entitled to the rewards of your work or investment risk. The real Obama fears your guns, your rights, and your outspokenness. He believes that he is the truth and the life and that you had better shape up, stop your grandstanding, fall into line, and render unto Obama what is Obama's.
Am I mad? Hell yes I'm mad. Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, and American Democrats have told him since he took office what he should do to reign in debts and spur the economy. He pretends not to hear and accuses all of us of simply resisting for resistance sake.
We have your resistance right here, Mr. Obama. And you ain't seen nothing yet. To quote a wise man, "We're right! We're free! We'll fight! You'll see!

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