Thursday, January 7, 2010

Transparent As Mud

Occasionally the media does do its job. This occurs most often when it is in its own interest to do so.

Two years ago, Obama promised to urge Congress to put negotiations over important legislation on C Span. One can argue that the "transparency in government" theme helped to create an image of a president who would do things differently and keep the people in mind. Conservatives saw through the rhetoric, most believed it.

Needless to say, very little of the health care bill's battles have appeared in any public forum. Obama has completely backed off his pledge to encourage it. Why? Maybe because the final product will include massive taxes on the health care plans of th emiddle class. Many employers, including state governments, keep health insurance plans inexpensive to employees in lieu of raising salaries. Pro health care deform advocates call them "Cadillac plans." Most holders of "Cadillac plans" are government employees and union members working full time jobs. Unions have quietly opposed such taxes, advocating (as usual) soaking the health care plans of the rich. Of course the rich don't tend to have costly plans because they can afford high deductibles, or in many cases can go without entirely and only pay on a cash basis.

As a result, the public has little idea what is happening behind the scenes. What they do know they do not like. In one poll only 32% of respondents had a favorable opinion of the legislation.

C Span has fired back at Obama and congressional Democrats, demanding that they adhere to the pledges made that helped them to get elected.

One wonders if C Span will now get the "Fox" treatment from the White House. It is refreshing to see some in the media doing their job.

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