Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee Chair Replies to Charleston Gazette Charges

Those type of attacks are the same old tiring message from those who are uninformed. The Kanawawa County Republican Executive made a wise decision after much discussion and fact finding.
Our two main concerns:1. How much will this cost the taxpayers of our county?We were told lots of figures, anywhere from $85,500.00 to $900,000.00 and everything in between Never anything in writing which makes good business sense, although I requested the estimates in writing.
2. Will this increase voter particpation? This was asked of our county clerk and Commissioner Shores. They did notknow if it would or not. But, County Clerk Vera McCormick said on several occassions that Early Voting has not overall voter turnout. This has been place since 2002. Voting figures support this.Voters can vote in their precincts on election day, vote by absentee ballot, vote early (have 20 days prior to election day), and if in hospital, clerk's office has people who will take ballot to hospital to let those people vote.The last election in Kanawaha County cost taxpayers $500,000,00.
The KCREC did not think it fiscally responsible to ask taxpayers of ALL parties to pay an estimated addtional 20% for an experiment at a time when the county is cutting the budget and using an emergency account to pay bills. I am very proud of our committe for having the courage to make a good decision. There are far too many people in politics who do not speak up because of their own self interests. We are setting the standard and will lead if others refuse to. You cannot go wrong by standing on principle

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