Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama to Waste $200 Million Per Year, According to New York City Mayor

"We estimate the cost for security operations will be approximately 216 million dollars for the first year and 206 million dollars annually in subsequent years."
This statement comes directly from Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City. These costs come from the fact that Obama has determined that terror trial suspects will have their day in court in New York City. Of course Mayor Bloomberg, who once upon a time praised Obama, fears that the federal government will stick his city with the price tag. And why not? They stuck Virginia and Maryland with the cost of extra inauguration security and plan to pass on Medicare costs to states in health care reform. Surely New York City residents will enjoy paying extra taxes so that Obama can have his public relations moment?
Assuming these trials are a good idea, and maybe it is about time, why on earth do they have to be in New York City? Congress can set up a federal court anywhere on the planet. Why expose millions of New Yorkers to an extra risk of terrorism (and the fact that they plan on having $200 plus million per year for security measures indicates that they do fear it!) and waste gargantuan sums of money? Why not create a special federal court in a decommissioned military base out in the middle of nowhere? Security would be very cost effective in comparison and they could rotate sitting judges in and out. Even better might be the use of a decommissioned aircraft carrier or battleship. Terrorists would have a hard time breaching a floating fortress on the high seas and civilian lives would be completely protected.
Instead, Obama wants his PR moment, now matter how many lives it puts at risk or how many hundreds of millions of dollars he wastes of our money.

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