Tuesday, January 26, 2010

America Tells CBS What It Thinks of Obama

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CBS POLL: Obama Flunks First Year in Office
Recently the CBS News Blog invited readers to grade President Obama's first year in office. The unflattering results are posted below:

The Economy A:4.51%B: 7.27%C: 6.30% D: 17.19% F:64.73%

Foreign Policy A:9.55% B:6.48% C:10.05% D:22.11% F:51.80%

Health Care A:5.09% B:5.60% C:5.05% D:9.12% F:75.14%

Afghanistan A:5.89% B:16.01% C:27.13% D:23.13% F:27.84%

Iraq A:7.30% B:13.48% C:27.14% D:22.30% F:29.78%

Threat of Terrorism A:7.12% B:7.42% C:8.77% D:18.99% F:57.71%

Energy and the Environment A:6.45% B:7.99% C:13.96% D:19.01% F:52.58%

Social Issues-A:7.56% B:8.04% C:15.11% D:18.76% F:50.53%

Bipartisanship A:6.73% B:5.11% C:5.33% D:6.67% F:76.15%

Obama's Overall Job as President A:6.23% B:7.17% C:5.31% D:25.70% F:55.60%

CBS went on to remind us that this is not a scientific poll.

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