Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Jump to Conclusions?

The newest revelations concerning the Fort Hood shooter are now nothing short of outrageous.

Recent information released to the media proves that the Army psychiatrist currently held for opening fire at an Army processing center, killing several, had active and open contacts with Al Quaeda related Islamofascist groups. You remember these guys; we are at war with them. At least we were until January.

Okay so the FBI and the Army blew it on this one. It happens when you have to follow a lot of suspicious individuals. Obama's misstep is even worse. A few days after the terror attack, he told Americans to not jump to conclusions.

I believed him. Honest to goodness I believed him. The president gets the intel and the info so I assume he knows more than I do. He said to not jump to conclusions so I thought it must be an individual nut, not a terrorist conspiracy. Wrong!

You can NOT tell me that Obama did not receive a full briefing on who Hasan was and what he was doing within hours of the attack. And he STILL comes out and tells the country to not jump to conclusions. Once again the community organizer in chief wants us all to settle down regardless of the fact that a terror attack happened at a military installation and American soldiers were killed.

I am mad. You should be mad. Most importantly Obama should be mad! He isn't. He wants us to be calm and not get our feathers ruffled so he misleads the country, apparently not knowing that Republican congressmen can find out the true details on their own. I am sick of the community organizer in chief trying to run American security like a Chicago outreach program. If Obama is not a liar and he himself was not jumping to conclusions, then he is incredibly naive or deluded.

The most incredible fact is that the same US Army who will not grant an officer's commission to a recruit with a misdemeanor on their arrest record will keep a guy around with obvious sympathies for the main adversary of the United States. Stop treating Muslim fanatics any differently than Communists in the 1950s or Nazis in the 1930s. Hint, they might be working for the enemy.

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