Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama Urged to Violate Constitution

The United Nations Climate Fraud Conference in Copenhagen has an understated theme that might cause havoc in the United States. It wants Barack Obama to use his executive powers to sidestep the Constitution and Congress and impose UN generated emissions regulations.

Senator Jim Webb (D) VA issued Obama a harsh rebuke yesterday, warning him to not circumvent the US Senate in imposing international standards on the United States. Only a treaty ratified by the Senate can do this according to the Constitution.

Webb's public warning exposes the fear and anger felt by Senators at this possible attack on their Constitutional powers. Obama already has ignored the Senate in his appointment of over fifty czars with regulatory powers. What is to stop him from doing the same to curry the love of Europe.

This issue is not about the climate. No raw scientific data backs up global warming theories. Europe adopted these harsh and costly rules that prevent their manufacturing from competing effectively with the US. They want us to voluntarily harm our own competitive abilities in the name of a disgraced theory. Meanwhile China, India, and Russia will not face the same restrictions. Obama himself said that climate regulation will make all of our electric bills "skyrocket."

This is a recipe for electoral disaster for the Democrats and long term economic disaster for the rest of us.

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