Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Chilling Look At the Mindset of an Abortion Advocate

In yesterday's Charleston Gazette, WV Free director Margaret Chapman Pomponio leads her commentary with the following:
I work for a reproductive justice organization. That means that for almost 10 years, I’ve been advocating for West Virginia families to improve education on reproductive decisions, increase access to affordable birth control, and protect personal decision-making, including decisions about whether or when to have a child. This means that we at WV FREE support access to abortion care because it’s what women sometimes need as part of their basic health care.

This is part of a plea on behalf of including abortion services into any government run health care operation. Think of what she says for a second, though. She claims that abortion is part of "their basic health care!" (I added the ! of course.)

In what universe is the killing of a child, along with the harsh psychological consequnces suffered by many of the mothers, on a par with getting a broken bone set or getting antibiotics for an infection? That is what most people consider "basic health care."

They would love for us to look at abortion as routine, something between getting a splint for a broken thumb and removing an appendix. We need to continue to fight this attitude on every level and remind people of what abortion really is.

It's not a "fetus," but a living and breathing child of God.

It's not a "procedure," but the vacuuming away of a viable human life, piece by painful piece.

And women don't "need" it except in rare, life threatening cases. The vast majority of mothers made a conscious choice to engage in behavior that created the child. If they made the choice to take that action, then they have the responsibility to live with the consequences of those actions regardless of age or circumstances. That responsibility runs at the very least to bringing it to term and delivering it alive. The law says that after that, you can drop it off anonymously at certain prescribed spots and never deal with the child again. At least the child is alive and the mother is not traumatized by murdering her baby inside of her. Our law and society have created scenarios where all the mother has to do, if she is completely unfit or unable to take care of the baby, is let it live and we take care of the rest. That baby could cure cancer, create a unified field theory, or compose wonderful music. Unfortunately the law also gives her the option to murder as well so we might never get the benefits of those unknowable lives. I agree completely with providing birth control to the poor as well as education on how and when to use it. Killing a child when one does not have to goes way beyond the pale of acceptable behavior.
I saw my first child born at 19 and despite all the trouble and sacrifice, would never, ever wish away one second of her existence to make my life more convenient, or to extend my college "fun time."

At some point, we will all have to reckon in some way with the horror of what our law has allowed to happen for almost four decades now.

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