Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Where's the Birth Certificate?" Emerges From Obscurity

Major Stefan Frederick Cook, US Army Reserve, challenged his deployment to Afghanistan recently. His problem lay not with the idea of going to a combat zone. Such men do not rise to the rank of major. Major Cook's issue lay with the credentials of his commander in chief. He stated that he did not see how he could abide by Geneva Convention rules when his orders might not come from the constitutional leader of the United States.

This conspiracy theory predates the election. In Hawaii there are two forms of birth certificate. A short form is easy to acquire and requires little proof of actual birth. The long form is accepted as the more definitive example of proof of live birth in a certain place. John McCain actually had similar problems. His birth took place in the Panama Canal Zone. Had he won election, Secretary of State John Hay's almost century old assertion that the Canal Zone was not United States territory would have exploded into an open issue.

Obama thus far has refused to produce a long form certificate. I personally believe the man was born where he said he was born, but have no idea why he cannot or will not quietly produce the proof. The question is, say Obama is proved to have not been born in the United States. That means that his presidency took place under fraud and, like a marriage, would have to be annulled. Would that wipe from the books every act he has committed or signed into law? I should think so.

People continue to file lawsuits as quickly as judges toss them from court, so stay tuned.

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