Friday, July 24, 2009

Singing the Blues With West Virginia Red

As of this writing, when you Google "Doug McKinney" and "Hatch Act," you only come up with a handful of left wing blogs and West Virginia Red. Only one of the above has launched a serious crusade to split the West Virginia Republican Party by ousting Chairman Doug McKinney, and it is not one of the Democratic or Socialist ones.

For the second time in a row, West Virginia Red has tried to unleash a bombshell against McKinney on the eve of a major state Republican gathering. What was shocking has grown predictable, what is predictable will soon become boring. I asked the question before when discussing this issue with a couple of those ranging themselves against Dr. McKinney, how on earth do you think that a supposed major violation of a well known election law escaped the attention of Secretary of State Betty Ireland, much less the West Virginia Democratic Party? There is no answer to that question unless you believe that state election officials and the Democratic Party willfully ignored a major oversight. Yes it is not Ms. Ireland's job, nor is it the obligation of the Democrats to quote federal laws to the West Virginia GOP Chair. Then again both, for obviously different reasons, would be very inclined to do so. It would be within their interest.

What is the interest here for the cadre in and around West Virginia Red? Sun Tzu's Art of War says "trust in self-interest." Theirs is to tear down Doug McKinney, but why? The 2009 meeting season has ended and it is extremely doubtful that, barring a massive rise in debt or the uncovering of criminal activity, that the West Virginia GOP will remove him prematurely next winter only months before the end of his natural term. If their interest lies in removing Dr. McKinney before the end of his term, that ship has sailed.

Is it someone's interest to capture the chairmanship for themselves? If so, what can be gained by firing torpedoes into the side of the ship? Who wants to be captain of a boat that they themselves sank? Leadership turmoils spell trouble for any candidates running for election next year. Instead of answering questions about their issues, candidates will face a barrage of inquiries about the state party that they neither can nor want to answer. Forget financial or any other kind of support.

With Obama polls falling and the country witnessing the slow collapse of his presidency, Republicans across the land have slowly started to believe again. The evil of socialism and the death of American foreign policy also are a tremendous concerns. Republicans need to attack Democrats and their failed vision, not each other!

I will say something very unfaddish. I love the Republican Party. Behind God, family, and country it has my allegiance. Throughout history from day one to today, it stands for freedom and opportunity. Very few groups can say that, ever. It does not approach our ideal of perfection, but nothing on this earth does. Nothing is perfect and we all have different images of what is ideal. Republican principles have stood the test of history and remain the reason why we care. Our state Republican Party has overcome many obstacles in the past few years in spite of an unfavorable tide. Now we have a chance to ride the tide if we can only get all our oars out and moving in the same direction.

If anyone at West Virginia Red wants to gain the chairmanship, by all means take the next year and lay out your vision. Contact delegates, form a campaign, convince people to vote for your program for positive reasons. This weekend's summit should give the present and future leaders a chance to propose constructive plans. Tearing down what we have does no one any good, except the fellas in blue quietly sitting off to the side chuckling to themselves.

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