Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wvjohn and our First Amendment Rights

The internet is a great tool of receiving and providing information. This blog which has been a quite successful example of how the internet can be used effectively to provide information and opinion. The News Tribune allows people to follow up to stories that have been printed, which is a great service that they offer.

What I find funny is the lefts use of it to attack those on the right personally. People usually attack people personally when they are unable to attack the message. On the News Tribunes website I have a personal attacker that goes by the screen name of “wvjohn.”

Now when I write on News Tribune website, the Potomac Highlands Conservative or for various news papers I always use my own name. I don’t have a problem with people knowing exactly who I am when I’m stating my opinion. I want to be challenged. Through challenging my ideas you maybe able to change my opinion, but some people believe in the personal attack as a way to make their point.

Now I’m not sure what they are trying to accomplish through the personal attack. Take my follower wvjohn; he takes issue with me using my real name when I write letters to the editor. I find that strange, because when people know who you are it leads to discovery. A follow up by letter by Gerald Frantz on my comments on the water studies wasting taxpayer money, led to and invitation to speak with him personally on the subject. I want to take him up on that offer because it will further my education on the water systems in the county.

If a person chooses to hide their identity, then they are unsecure in their own opinions. They do not get to follow up on opportunities like the one presented by Mr. Frantz. Now it is clear to me that wvjohn is one of these people that believe government should control our lives. In a recent follow up on the News Tribune website he states, “Some people just want to pettition their government and get their name out there in the public eye.” He is absolutely right, I want to petition government! After all the First Amendment of the US Constitution says I have that right; Congress shall make no law abridging my right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Yet, wvjohn thinks it’s awful that exercise my First Amendment right, which speaks volumes. Maybe wvjohn only believes I should have the right of free speech if it is something he wants to hear?

Wvjohn, I invite you to write for the Potomac Highlands Conservative. Only rules are no personal attacks and you have to use your real name. You will have a state wide audience of over 13,000 to here your opinion and see what kind of follow commentary they have for you.

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