Monday, December 15, 2008

Whither Caperton? Also, Another Party of the Common Man Update

Before Mojo there was another highly popular two term gubernatorial juggernaut in Charleston. Caperton exploded onto the scene in 1988. The extremely wealthy insurance man toppled a vulnerable, but still formidable legend in Arch Moore. His business experience combined with a downhome, but politically connected Jackson County wife helped him storm into office. After a few missteps, such as his aborted scheme that would have both consolidated power in his hands and increased the size of government during tough economic times (for West Virginia anyway) Caperton settled in and steered the ship of state for eight years. After that he ventured off into the fog of the outside world outside of politics. Currently he heads the College Board.

Politically the roads closed to Caperton when his second term ended in 1997. Shut out of the Governor's Mansion, seeing the House of Representatives as a demotion, and understanding that Byrd and Rockefeller were not moving on any time soon, Caperton turned to the field of education to pad his resume and do something substantial, but in preparation for what?

A little speculation has centered around Caperton being considered for Secretary of Education. His lack of direct contact with Bill Clinton might work against him, but he would seem to be a reasonable choice. However, his reputation as a relatively conservative Democrat will not help Obama in his current disputes with minorities and Leftists.

I have always wondered if Caperton's eye was not on the US Senate. Certainly before Manchin, he was a strong possibility to succeed Byrd. His speech to the West Virginia Education Alliance might signal that his toe may be reemerging into the pool of state politics.


Party of the Common Man Update: Bad Medicine

Probably the most stunning allegation involving Illinois governor Rod Mytzlplyk, or whatever his name is, involves the allegation that he was prepared to rescind support for Children's Memorial Hospital because an executive refused to contribute to his campaign. Sorry kids, pony up the f-ing money or no f-ing medicine for you f-ing brats (if you don't get the last line, take a gander at the transcripts of his wiretaps. He is very fond of a certain word and uses it "liberally".)

Is it not fascinating that Obama has rarely even had contact with this man?

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