Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who Dares to Question the Great and Powerful One?

Liberals, that is who.

Liberals have grown increasingly critical of Obama and he has not even assumed the presidency yet. He selected the Clinton Administration for his Cabinet and stacked the Executive Branch with Harvard grads. Charitable critics compared it to John F. Kennedy's administration, which was surprisingly described as blundering. I thought John F. Kennedy was the man chosen to lead us to Zion until his untimely death. Now he is blundering. Maybe because he advocated tax cuts and higher defense spending to confront enemies.

Obama has shown thus far a pragmatic streak, understanding that social engineering is bad for the economy. Ever since speaking with President Bush, he has shown a much more reasonable approach on foreign policy. Leftists are not pragmatic. It is their way or the highway and they turned against many of their own over time. We still don't know what a President Obama will be like, so we need to remain vigilant, but the more the Leftists fret, the better I feel.

Of course his deputy campaign manager promises that he will still bring peace to Iraq, end climate change, fix health care, cure cancer, walk on water, and resurrect dead pets, but this statement had a curious tiredness and surrealistic quality to it. The idea that a president can alter the laws of God and/or nature is awfully stupid on the surface. But he is The One after all.

I still would not be surprised if, behind the curtain sits Hillary Clinton pulling the levers and speaking into the microphone. Hopefully the GOP won't act like a cowardly lion over the next four years.

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