Monday, December 8, 2008

So West Virginia University Faculty Like Capitalism After All

West Virginia University's administration blasted the PEIA premium structure in a November 28th front page article in the Charleston Daily Mail. They complained that the fee structure madde it difficult to attract and retain quality faculty. PEIA officials blasted back that the fee structure is in place because higher salary earners subsidize the health care of lower earners. Perry Bryant, head of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care claims "it's not clear what (WVU's) position is. Would they support their faculty paying less while their classified staff pay more and more?"

In other words, Bryant is calling WVU faculty a pack of greedy running dog capitalists only looking out for their own interests. They do sound an awful lot like capitalists when they complain that they do not get to keep enough of the income that they earned because the state takes an unfair share (liberals would call it a "progressive" share.)

Okay, here's what ought to be done. Take the seven or eight people in the WVU system that voted for John McCain, assess them what their real payment should be, and let them go on their merry way. The Obama and Nader voters, well, sorry about your luck. You all are keeping too much as it is. We are going to assess you more because this is the change that you believed in.

That's right. The PEIA fee structure is a small taste of what socialized health care would bring to the entire country. The harder you work, the less you deserve to keep. That's the Obamunism that you all voted in for the entire country and now you have the gall to complain about those same standards being applied to your personal situation. Well if you have changed your mind about Obamacare, you'd better get to Georgia and campaign for Saxby Chambliss so the GOP can save your hard earned dollars.

The article is somewhat misleading. It says that high salary earners have seen their raises over the past two years negated by PEIA increases. That is not by accident, but by result of careful calibration. The misleading comes in when the writer says "high salary earners." Those that make $30-35,000 per year have seen the same problem. Only in the poorest counties in West Virginia could they be considered "high wage earners."

Capitalism happens. WVU faculty take off for states with more faculty friendly policies just like jobs will go to China and India if the liberals get their way and strangle out of existence the rest of American industrialism. Those that deny its effects and pretend like they do not exist will lose out every time.

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