Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Inconvenient Issue

The National Climatic Center recently reported that the year 2008 thus far has been the coolest in eleven years. Sea ice growth has increased at the most rapid level in decades. That information does not count the blast of early winter delivered to this part of the United States this month. But this doesn't make any sense. Global warming is supposed to destroy us all. What in the name of Al Gore is going on?

Global warming is dead as an American political issue. You heard it here first. Democrats lock stepped behind this issue that has been used around the world to break down capitalist economic systems. They saw it as a perfect way to discredit George W. Bush. Watch it now disappear.

For one thing, temperatures, especially in the eastern United States, have been noticeably cooler overall. Our long, hot summers have moderated except for a few bursts of heat. Winters have been moderate as well. Last spring we got a lot more precipitation than we had for many years. Of course the most looney have concocted the explanation that if temperatures rise OR fall, it is attributable to global warming. How convenient!

This issue has always been more political than anything, though. Do you really see Democrats from industrial and coal producing states actually supporting sweeping legislation to reduce our competitive advantage based upon an unproven theory? Now that Obama has revealed himself to be more of a savvy politician than a crusader, he will likely disappoint the radical Leftists that want to destroy capitalism and all its works. Now that the abominable Bush is gone, scientists will probably start voicing their skepticism's since they cannot be accused of being Bush lovers for having an opposing viewpoint. Radical Leftists who expected that global warming would roast capitalism will surely be disappointed.

The Farmer's Almanac has predicted a cooler winter this year as well as a long term cooling trend over the next few decades. They rely upon observations of sunspots for their predictions. This is science at work without the intrusive political tinge. Maybe they will actually start to admit that George W. Bush does not actually control the weather too, but that might be too much to hope for.

Or maybe now that Obama is almost president, he gets to run the weather machine for awhile.

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