Monday, November 3, 2008

Lenin, Stalin, Casey?

Last week the word was out. The State Democratic Party, in their perpetual function as "ruling party" of West Virginia, blasted Clark Barnes, Craig Blair, Kelli Sobonya, and other GOP legislators. The horrible crime committed? Not being team players. The goal? To use every device necessary to get voters to expel them from the Legislature.

In the 1920s Vladimir Lenin imposed upon a session of the USSR's Communist Party Congress a no faction rule. Not content with operating a secret police that stole property while torturing and massacring many, Lenin hated disagreement within his own party. The rule was that once agreement was made, no more opposition could exist.

This same attitude pervades the "not a team player" approach taken by West Virginia Democrats. Maybe they are surprised that Republicans and their voters have a different idea of how to run this state. Then they have the gall to disagree with the Ruling Party! Of course the Democrats, assuming the people are always in their corner, call upon the voters to get rid of what little opposition they have to their schemes.

This smacks of arrogance. In most states each party must respect the other because at some point the outs will be in and vice versa. West Virginia Democrats cannot even imagine a day when their grip on power will be reduced, much less rejected, by the voters. Gains will come this year and more hereafter. Voters must make all state politicians more accountable by showing that Democrats can lose.

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