Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out of touch

In the latest issue of Time magazine, Joe Klein has an article about the Sarah Palin phenomenon. I expected criticism of Palin, but he steered clear of that and focused on the fact that in his mind "Sarah Palin appeals to nostalgia for a county that no longer exists". What country is that, it is the America of small town, traditional values Americans. While his point that we don't live in an America of "Pleasantville's" is true, he fails to understand why we small town conservatives are so up in arms about the "America of the future" that he describes Democrats as representing.

In small towns, we believe in smaller government and looking out for one another. We understand that the word retirement isn't in the bible and that the government isn't responsible for everyone over age 65. When our parents can't take care of themselves, we are to step in and help. When our children make mistakes, we show them unconditional love and support.

He believes that the Palin appeal is based in the myth of the republican party that

Mr. Klein states that we are a nation of suburbs and cities.

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