Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jefferson-Jackson Dinners and Mexican Trucks

This year, the guy that Democrats probably should have selected as their vice presidential nominee will speak at their state Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. A moderate from a southern state that shows the possibility of swinging Democrat should have been a better choice than an old timer from a blue state.

Tim Kaine is not the issue today. You have to wonder why they still hold Jefferson-Jackson Dinners when neither man has much to do with the modern Democratic Party philosophy.

In the 1850s leaders of the new anti-slavery party called themselves "Republicans" because they identified with Thomas Jefferson's stand against slavery in the Northwest Territories. Although his party eventually took the name Democrats, they called themselves "Republican" in the 1790s. Jefferson was far from perfect. His stand against slavery conflicted with the fact that he owned slaves until his death. As president he deprived political opponents of land through eminent domain. However, his principles reflected a belief in limited government that modern Democrats, especially Obama, loathe. To them government answers all questions. Jefferson would be the first to disown such a movement.

Andrew Jackson also had considerable flaws. His war against the Bank of the United States ruined the economy while the "spoils system" of federal patronage encouraged widespread corruption and incompetence. Worst of all, Jackson forced peaceful Cherokee Indians to abandon their ancestral lands promised to them in perpetuity by President John Adams and Congress. Jackson, however, is identified with the ideals of individual freedom and the right of every citizen, no matter how humble their beginnings, to pursue their opportunity. People have the right to work hard to pursue their dreams and the responsibility to live with the choices they make as well as the risks they assume. Jackson's followers feared big business, but not as much as they hated big government. Jackson also believed in aggressive defense of our nation's security.

Certainly some of the stains, especially on Jackson's reputation, would not lead me to advocate the Republican Party hosting Jefferson-Jackson Dinners. However, there is nothing in the positive ideals or achievements of either of these men that identify them with the Big Government, freedom diminishing tendencies of Barack Obama and today's liberal Democrats.

Leave it to the Charleston Gazette to publish all the liberal news that is fit to print.

The House of Representatives voted to end a pilot program allowing Mexican truck firms certain access to American soil. Shelley Moore Capito and the Mountain State's two other congressmen voted to end teh program. While Charleston's morning paper ran extensive statements by Rahall and Mollohan, apparently they forgot that their own congressional representative, Capito, also had an opinion on the matter.

The Gazette will not only endorse Capito's opponent, they will actively slant the news to try and unseat the Republican congresswoman. This is part of a four decade feud launched by the newspaper against the Moore family. Responsible journalism takes a backseat to hate when it comes to the Gazette.

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