Friday, August 1, 2008

Completing Corridor H

According to West Virginia Metro News, the Appalachian Development Highway System (also known as the corridor system) will be completed in twelve years. This includes the completion of Corridor H which will eventually link Moorefield and Elkins.

The Appalachian highways have accomplished a great deal for certain areas of the state. According to Anne Pope, the nation gets back $3 for every $1 invested because of development. Corridor G linking Charleston to the coalfields has seen tremendous growth in the Charleston suburbs. Likely the finishing of Corridor H will have a similar effect in Moorefield and elsewhere since a lot of Washington DC bound traffic will find this route extremely convenient. The ease of travel on these roads should reduce fatalities while making the older two lane roads safer for scenic driving.

However this federal investment should be seen only as a foundation, not as the end. Reforms at the state level to lower taxes and reduce regulations will be needed if economic growth is to occur beyond the immediate vicinity of the highways. The region served by Corridor H at one time was very prosperous. When the railroads connected towns such as Davis to the national network, the region dveloped quickly because of a business friendly environment although some abuses did occur. Our state leaders need to drastically improve the business climate while keeping some protections in place. That will enable the people of West Virginia to get the maximum benefit from the new roads.


In other local news, $93,000 in federal funds for the Hampshire County Sheriff's Department has just cleared its first hurdle. Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito helped the funding get past the House Appropriations Committee. If the Democratic Congress approves the funding, it will be used to update records management, facilitate communications between the sheriff's office and other jurisdictions, and fund other necessary items.

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