Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ruling Party versus Majority Party

No one has any illusions as to what constitutes the "Ruling Party" in West Virginia. For seventy-five years the Democratic Party has imposed Big Government solutions on the state, correlating with its drastic decline. We dropped from six congressional representatives to three, our economic position lies near the bottom, and studies show that by not keeping up with national population growth, we have lost many hundreds of thousands of productive and intelligent people. All that took place on the Ruling Party's watch.

However they seem scared in West Virginia. A current has formed that might just shift the tide of influence in the state. Six Democratic legislative incumbents lost their seats in the primary, an almost unheard of expression of malcontent within the Democrats' own rank and file. Add that to the fact that the GOP has carried West Virginia in the past two presidential elections handily.

As far as values and principles are concerned, the national Democratic Party has abandoned West Virginia style values. How long can state Democrats support gun rights, property rights, strong national security and oppose abortion at home while supporting people like Barack Obama nationally? When does inconsistency finally get exposed as hypocrisy?

The Democrats currently dominate in registrations and they rule the state. However, as far as values are concerned, the Republican Party is the majority in the state. Through careful and effective education, the West Virginia Republican Party could effect a major shift in the next decade if national Democrats continue to march left.

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