Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sheep and Wolves

One of Blackstone's most memorable legal maxims is that the sheep ought not be left in the care of the wolves. This idea drives much of our legal thought and policy because it represents common sense. You cannot leave the vulnerable to the whims of the predator.

Which brings us to Charles Minimah. The Republican Party selected Charles Minimah as its nominee to ensure that West Virginia elections remain as fair and free of corruption as possible. Minimah has a strong track record as an effective businessman and community leader. State GOP laders know that he will continue Betty Ireland's zealous commitment to fair state elections. Minimah also wants to make voting as accessible as possible to the handicapped, elderly, and others.

If Charles Minimah is the shepherd to our more corruption free election process, the Democratic Party represents the wolf. They selected a young anchorwoman with an attractive face, name recognition, and a commitment to the Democratic Party as their nominee. Certainly some of them long for the bad old days before Secretary of State Ireland took office and elections were easier to manipulate. She has in four years erased almost all of the cometary vote and Minimah will continue to prevent West Virginia's deceased from playing a role in the political process. Put the inexperienced candidate with close ties to the Democratic machine into office and our clean elections will be placed in jeopardy.

Elect Charles Minimah because we must not allow our elections to be in the hands of predators that want to manipulate them.

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