Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama's Campaign Called Arrogant By Democrats

Apparently Democrats on Capitol Hill and in their party's organization have already had their fill of the presumptive nominee Barack Obama.

This comes as the latest in a series of Obama related problems that have plagued the campaign. The New Yorker magazine, an extremely liberal publication, produced a cover with Obama wearing a turban, his wife sporting militant black attire, an American flag burning in the fireplace under a portrait of Osama Bin Laden. Prior to this, Jesse Jackson threatened to relieve Obama of a sensitive part of his anatomy. CNN recently called joint appearances with Hillary Clinton the "Disunity Tour." The proposed "dream ticket" could prove a nightmare now. Select Hillary and risk more personality conflicts while alienating more moderate Democrats. Fail to select Hillary and they have her outside the tipi causing trouble inside instead of inside the tipi aiming outwards. Now congressional Democrats blast the campaign for not helping with fundraising or even communicating with them. Some have voiced complaints about Obama using a new venue for his acceptance speech.

Meanwhile John McCain continues to push forward as a calm and reasonable voice. He has deftly created a policy identity independent of President Bush while supporting the general ideas behind current policy. Obama's backwards pronouncements on foreign policy have caught up with him as McCain trotted out again his opponent's bizarre desire to invade our Pakistani ally. Obama also continued the tired mantra about the United States losing the war in Iraq in a time in which even moderate anti-war protesters realize that we have almost achieved our objectives.

The polls show that Obamamania has drastically cooled. McCain, according to Newsweek, had fallen fifteen points behind as little as two weeks ago. Now they are in a statistical dead heat. This resembles the election of 1984 when Walter Mondale held a tremendous lead over incumbent Ronald Reagan until the summer. Liberals tend to fare worse as elections draw closer and voters start to consider real world issues instead of dreams.

As long as John McCain stays on issue and keeps to the high road while aggressively pushing his ideas, he should win easily in November.

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