Thursday, July 3, 2008

Representative Shelley Moore Capito Starts Energy Action Website

On June 27th, Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito launched a new energy action website to address West Virginians' rising concerns about fuel costs.

This site provides information that most West Virginians can use in efforts to conserve energy and save themselves money. Constituents that suspect price gouging have an easy means to report problems as well. Finally the site gives up to date information on Congresswoman Capito's efforts to help West Virginia, America, and the world secure long term energy solutions.

From this site, a reader can learn of the efforts made by Congresswoman Capito to move America towards liquefication of coal. Why not embrace this easy to access resource that puts money into American pockets and employs Americans right here at home. Natural gas production puts money into the pockets of West Virginia landowners when they do not get fooled by unscrupulous agents who convince individuals, companies, even governments to sell rights for a fraction of what they are worth.

Obviously West Virginia should play a strong role in America's energy transition. We sit upon large supplies of natural gas and coal and have grown into a national leader in terms of expanding our wind harvesting capabilities. Liberals would rather see the average American sacrifice economic prosperity or their standard of living to fall more in line with other countries that do not live so well. Congresswoman Capito knows that with the right ideas America can move forward, restore the dominance we once knew in energy production, and maintain our standard of living that remains the envy of the world.


The Board of Governors recently announced the selection of two new members. Dr. Charles M. Vest, President Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will give a tremendous boost to the shaken credibility of that body. Also appointed was former West Virginia University quarterback Oliver Luck. Luck since his graduation and short stint with the Houston Oilers obtained a law degree and worked as an executive with multiple sports franchises. Metro News's Hoppy Kercheval wrote last week that Luck ought to be considered because of his experience, ties to the university, and lack of political connections.

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