Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Political Old Timers Used to Call This a "Boom"

In the old days of politics, one used to often hear about "booms."

These were efforts to boost one person or another into politics or into a higher office.  Sometimes, the desired candidate knew full well about the boom, other times they didn't.  Sometimes they embraced the support, other times they quashed it politely.

When effective, they brought a groundswell of popular and party support behind a figure who could run a great race and do a lot of good.

Such a boom may be forming around Holly Fisher.

Delegate Suzette Raines, due to several misfortunes piling on her almost at the same time, had to exit her race.  Today, Kanawha County Republicans learned that they could not nominate a replacement for her on the ballot.

But the people can still choose a Republican to replace a Republican via write in votes.

Write in wins are rare, but they do happen.  To win, a candidate needs high name recognition and media presence.

For the 35th delegate district, Republicans could not choose better than Holly Fisher.

Last spring, Fisher's gun photos brought national media attention.  The mother and military wife represented herself and her ideas well during her appearances on television and radio.

Fisher has been active in Republican circles for a long time and, as a wife and mother, gets the concerns of many West Virginia voters.

No one else could quickly mobilize as much name recognition and potential financial support as Fisher.

Is she even interested?  Who knows at this point. There is, however, a lot of interest in convincing her to make the run.

But she would be perfect.

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