Monday, June 9, 2014

Bad People Do Bad Things

During the Miss USA pageant last weekend, the contestant from Nevada landed herself in the crosshairs of left wing hate.

After being asked about the prevalence of campus rape, Nia Sanchez blasted colleges for sweeping the issue of sexual assault under the rug.  The fourth degree black belt holder then advised women to grow more confident and to learn self defense. "I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and learn to defend yourself." she noted.

And somehow, her advice to learn how to beat an attacker into unconsciousness or at least submission is seen as an endorsement of "rape culture."  One Twitter respondent claimed that women should not have to learn to defend themselves against rape since rape is wrong.

Marshall University's Women's Center defines rape culture in a number of different ways.  One aspect is "teaching women to avoid getting raped instead of teaching men not to rape."


Leftists believe that somewhere lies a magic button.  If society just looked hard enough, or if the Koch Brothers and the Republican Party would stop hiding it, rape would end.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with reminding everyone that rape is wrong, no means no, etc.  But the left has posited the issue of rape and self-defense as an inane zero sum game.  What is wrong with both reinforcing the moral value that rape is an offense against humanity and encouraging individuals to empower themselves.  Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.

The problem is that bad people exist.  No amount of social engineering or wishing upon a star will erase the fact that evil men and women walk the earth. They do not care about morality or justice. They do not care about you or me.  All that keeps them from hurting others is the fear of something unpleasant being visited upon them.

Most men do not want to harm women or anyone else.  But a few do not care and will act with impunity.

Solution? Encourage women to learn to protect themselves. Learn self-defense.  Carry a handy weapon. Interestingly, feminists used to advocate self empowerment as liberating oneself from the oppression of men.

Ask most Republicans and they would agree that a woman has every right to pull a gun and shoot her would be rapist. If the attacker died, no conservative would shed a tear.

Teaching that rape has consequences is the best way to reduce its instance even further. Every time that a woman shoots or beats an attacker into a hospital bed a lesson has been presented.  The media should make sure that it gets learned and learned well.

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