Monday, May 5, 2014

Belated Kudos to the West Virginia Development Office

Inspector general reports are usually only cited when someone fails to do their job.  Reporters quickly. and correctly, cite descriptions of serious neglect or millions of dollars of waste.

Sometimes it should be noted when a report reveals progress.

The Appalachian Regional Commission's IG audited a grant given to the West Virginia Development Office. It received $225,000 in federal money and came up with $450,000 in non-matching funds.

Auditors found that the procedures and safeguards against waste were "reasonable."  Over 3,600 trainees at 22 companies indirectly or directly benefited from the program.

WorkForce West Virginia operates under the state Department of Commerce. According to the website,  it works to help prepare workers to compete in the global economy and link them with employers.

Not much else to say, except a pat on the back to the WVDO for doing the job right.

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