Friday, March 28, 2014

Why I am Supporting Alex Mooney For #WV02 (and why you should as well!)

Written opinion of Stephen Smoot.

It's not a secret that I am backing Alex Mooney for the Republican Party nomination for the Second Congressional District of West Virginia.  I want to take this opportunity to explain my support to my friends, family, and others.

I have known Alex and his family for years.  They definitely understand the pressures and strains that the average West Virginia family has to bear.  Other major candidates for this seat were able to lift hundreds of thousands of dollars from their own fortunes to help their own cause.  While financial success is admirable, Alex is more like the rest of us.  His family lives on a budget to pay their bills, worries about the rising cost of health care, and is straining to make sure that they can send their children to college.

In other words, Alex gets it.  Families are very nervous about the future, especially for their children.

A lot of us worry about freedom.  Alex was raised on stories of how his Cuban born mother was arrested and imprisoned for many months by Fidel Castro.  His father fought Communism in Vietnam.  From both, he learned about the value of liberty, what must be done to protect it, and what happens if it is lost.

Unlike most other candidates in this race, Alex served in his state legislature.  A lot of people have made a big fuss that he served in Maryland.  But consider this.  Try fighting against tax increases in Maryland.  Try fighting for second amendment rights in Maryland.  Try fighting for the rights of unborn children in Maryland.  Maryland seizes guns for little or no reason, charges a tax on rainfall, and wants taxpayers to pay for abortions. His values, commonly held by members of both parties in West Virginia, were sometimes hotly debated among people calling themselves conservatives.

Alex has fought these fights many times and never backed down.  DC is rough on people trying to hang onto your values.  Alex's experience proves that he will stand by his principles and our interests.

West Virginia has a long tradition, from US Senator Stephen Elkins to current state Attorney General Patrick Morrissey, of welcoming experienced and capable people from other states to serve and fight for our voters and values.  Elkins came from New York and Morrissey from New Jersey.  Both performed outstandingly.  Alex and his family just hopped across the river.

Until a few years ago, Alex led a media education foundation in Washington.  I worked there under his leadership for almost two years.  For seven years, he supervised the training of up and coming reporters.  Some of the interns who passed through in those years are now media leaders, editing magazines, online news, and exposing waste and fraud in government.  Alex took the fight to the Obama Administration and its cronies.  One of his interns played a key role in busting the infamous ACORN racket. Another intern later exposed the incompetence of the federal stimulus regime.

No one else in this race worked from day one of the Obama Administration to expose its waste and incompetence.

From there, Alex went into business.  And, as a small businessman, he understands how tough it can be to comply with state and federal regulations and taxes while also fighting for a piece of the market.

I am going to keep running this every so often on my Facebook because 2014 is important.  We have to get as many people in Congress as possible who we know will fight hard.

Who will fight for farms and coal against the EPA.

Who will fight for our complete right to keep and bear arms, with no infringements.

Who understands how families cannot take anymore from a broken Obamacare system and rising costs across the board.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Alex Mooney.  Thank you for your attention!

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