Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indianapolis Star, UK's Daily Mail Report Cases of Possession in Gary, Indiana

It seems like the stuff of cable television and Hollywood films both good and bad.  But a case of demonic possession has now been reported by one of the most respected newspapers in Indiana and the most read news site in the world.

The Indianapolis Star, in existence for 111 years, two time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, published an exhaustive story about the possible torment and possession of a mother and her three children.

What makes this story different than typical tabloid fodder is the credibility of the sources coming forward.  These include Captain Charles Austin of the Gary Police Department and a veteran Roman Catholic priest.  Official Department of Child Services and medical records also form part of the story.  Each source reports unexplainable phenomena such as threatening voices over the radio, a young boy walking backwards up a wall, and other signs.

A hoax of this magnitude would require local cross agency coordination and respected local figures willing to risk their reputations for a story bound to make international headlines. It would have to be a good enough tale to hoodwink a reporter from one of Indiana's papers of record.

The story has a happy ending.  After police supervised exorcisms, the involvement of psychologists, and child protection officials, the children and their mother are together, safe, and living in another city.

Whether one believes or not, from many different angles, this is a story worth reading.

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