Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Government Continues to Concoct Bizarre Ad Hoc Obamacare Solutions

Reuters reported this week that Obamacare has a stunningly fatal flaw in its system.  The government "has not yet finished building the part of the website that would transfer billions of dollars in subsidies for plan premiums and cost-sharing payments to insurance companies."

Rest assured.  An insurance spokesman defended the administration and said that for now, the system would rely on estimates.  Late on, government and health plans could "true up" the actual difference.

Set aside the horrific abuse of the English language here.  Simply put, a lot of people are not going to get paid what they are actually owed for a while.

This is why government should never operate in any kind of business arrangement.  Running a business in this fashion is at least unethical and likely criminal.  Yet because it is the government, one has to rely on their willingness to faithfully "true up" and concoct a "workaround" scheme, whatever the heck that all means.

The fact is that businesses always work out first how everyone gets paid.  Next they focus on delivering a high quality product to the consumer.  After that they sell the service, and lastly they try to anticipate bugs and correct them quickly.

Government does number three first, then number four, and oh yes, still working on how to deliver a product of dubious value. Number one priority is still apparently a mystery.

It becomes increasingly clear why some Republicans fought a no win, last ditch battle to stop this monstrosity.  They knew all about that rough beast, its hour come round at last slouched toward Washington, waiting to be born.

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