Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Case Example of Government Greed: Kanawha County School Levy

The Charleston Daily Mail's Don Surber provides this week's example of government greed at work.  It's worth a quick read.

The Kanawha County School Board asked voters to support a levy that would cost $130 million over five years.  Within the request was $3 million for school libraries, but a lot more for who knows what else.

Voters rejected it, breaking from history.

Surber writes that Kanawha County has changed over the past few decades.  What was once a manufacturing center has become a shopping destination.  The valley has jobs, they just pay a lot less.  Supporters argued that it would be one less latte per day, which is true.  Most voters, however, never buy lattes because it is ridiculous to pay so much for a cup of coffee.  

We're talking about people who have to brown bag tuna salad because they want to pay their bills and save a little for Christmas.  Surber notes that it adds up to one less night eating out per month, which will end up meaning one less restaurant.

In general, this is a classic case of government greed.  They ask for more than the voters can bear and try to make voters feel guilty because golly gee, it's for the children.

No it is not for the children.  It is for the bureaucrats.  It is for federal mandates that kill, rather than support education.  It is for retreats and conferences.  Don't say it is for the children.  It rarely is in education.  

And all too often, it is not for the teachers either.

Kanawha County would have supported a small levy simply for libraries because they see the value in that.  But tens of millions more that would not have been spent wisely?  No.  Not today.

Government got greedy and voters did not fall for its manipulation.  It is a shame that its greed cost the children.

Things are tough all over.  And government does not care.

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