Monday, October 28, 2013

Will West Virginians Have to Put GPS Trackers On Their Cars For Government Monitoring?

Will West Virginians have to put GPS trackers on their cars for government monitoring?

Delegate Gary Howell, (R-Mineral) and national vice chairman of the State Automitive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus, warned voters via Facebook on Monday that it could be a reality.  He said, "WV Democrats tried looking at putting GPS tracking in your car with Senate Bill 354."  Those who voted no, 10 out of 34 cast, was to stop this bill.

The bill will allow the state to study a GPS tracking scheme that is likely already unconstitutional.  Now it has gone over to the House of Delegates for its consideration.

Delegate Howell described shenanigans involving the House Roads and Transportation Committee.  He says that Democrats met to discuss advancing the bill without informing the press or public.

While the intent is to consider a tax by the mile scheme, critics have consistently opposed such a measure on constitutional grounds.  Tracking a person's movements electronically without a warrant violates a citizens rights, especially to privacy.

Most importantly, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that the government cannot place such a tracking device on a vehicle.  In United States v. Jones (2012) the Supreme Court says that placing such a device is a per se violation of privacy.

West Virginia Legislative Democrats are currently pushing a bill that violates the Constitution, as interpreted by the Fred Roberts and Earl Warren courts.

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