Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hydra-Headed Obamacare Threat Spelled Out In State Journal Piece

The State Journal released a moderate sized article packed with Obamacare spawned problems.

It quotes David Ransey, CEO of Charleston Area Medical Center extensively.  Ramsey is frankly fearful of Obamacare's impact.

First. he details the threat to state hospitals.  Hospitals already face financial pressures.  In West Virginia, 18 have closed in the past 40 years.  The uncertain climate introduced by Obamacare threatens many of the rest.

Ramsey slammed public health care programs, both those for low income individuals and public employees.  They pay late and do not cover the full cost of services.  Hospitals must shift almost a third of a billion dollars per year onto private insurance to make up the shortfall.

Under Obamacare, this will only get worse.  Since many doctors will refuse to take Obamacare, this shifts more burden onto emergency rooms.  Costs rise for everyone.

The end of the piece adds in an interesting nugget.  Mark Muchow, from the state Department of Revenue, claims that Obamacare's increased cost burden on state taxpayers will require cuts in the budget somewhere.  He speculated these would come from higher education.

Obamacare is a nightmare for states, taxpayers, health care providers, private insurance, and, eventually state colleges and universities.

Good thing we didn't read it first.

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